Day +116, Saturday

Photo of the Day: thanks to our lovely neighbor Karen, we had enough butter to make another batch of Pan Smash Cookies.

Good day – spent time moving a final few items out of storage, driving the winding country roads of Western Carolina and later making another batch of Pan Smash cookies. I’m behind on my water consumption, but have made up for it in baked cookies. Ironically, just as I was putting the first batch in, my friend Melissa texted me a picture of her own just-out-of-the-oven Pan Bang cookies. I laughed & texted her back. Great minds!!

I’m feeling good, slightly tired and awoke more hungry than usual. I’m thinking this was due to yesterday’s hike. The biggest issue is still overall dry skin and I’m holding it at bay with copious amounts of moisturizer. And then I add more. A final bit of good news – my hair is really growing now! I still resemble a fuzzy duckling with my sprouting head, but just yesterday, I noticed a few leg hairs popping in. Progress!

With that – good night! And good eating!

  1. So, when Dad and I visit in March or April, will you please make those smash cookies. My mouth is watering ❤️. Speaking of visiting, tomorrow I’ll take the 2 awful suitcases, filled with stuff I’m ready to part with, to Goodwill and we will purchase 2 new pieces of luggage. I’m done traveling like a gypsy. Love you guys!

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