Day +99, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Packing!

Today was mostly uneventful, though I did loose my 30-Day Walter Reed base pass – likely last week. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until 1:07 pm, 23 minutes before my appointment, as I was frantically digging through my car’s center console. I remained cool though, figuring I could stop at Base Pass & ID; perhaps they could issue a new ID.

Traffic was easy, though finding a parking spot in the tiny lot just off base was the stuff of nightmares. My little Volvo proved handy and I maneuvered & parked (semi)-legally next to the watchful eyes of the Military Police. A very nice base security guard requested my social security number and drivers license, and issued me a temporary 1-day pass with 4 minutes to spare before my appointment start.

Parking was a breeze because I took the first spot, far far away from the America building. I skipped all elevators, hustled up three flights of stairs and checked in only three minutes late. No one could see, but I was grinning under my mask. And slightly gasping for air, too.

Suture removal went well, and my (elf) ear is magic. The scar, perfectly straight on my ear’s backside, is doing great. I wanted to thank Dr Smith for making me a (mini) elf, but I also didn’t want to insult him, so I kept that nugget to myself. Overall, my experience at Walter Reed was wonderful. Everyone I met and worked with was fantastic, the coordination between Alain and my Team at NIH seamless. I can’t thank Walter Reed Dermatology enough.

Thankfully my drive home was significantly less eventful that the drive over.

The rest of the day was solid. Mom and I headed one last time to Bethesda Row, both wanting to get a little something for my Team. Plus we both love Anthropology. Mom surprised me with a few nice items – it was incredibly generous. I tried to make it up by buying dinner, a small token for someone I not only love very much, but who has done so much for me and been an incredible friend and companion throughout this time.

I closed out the evening with Top Chef, chatting with Andy, laughing with Mom and throwing a few more things into my suitcase. What a great day!

Sunset, Bethesda Row

  1. Yesterday was wonderful!! We revisited places we loved – thus saying a happy good bye. It was especially hard for me, as I know I will never be back here again with Marit. And certainly not under the same circumstances ! I’m glad to be packing now, and preparing to visit Asheville, to see all the wonderful changes Andy has made to their condo, pet kitties and see Marit in her now new home – the permanent one.
    I sent a Thank You card to the people who had been talking care of her. They were her guardian angels, such a blessing.


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