Day +85, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Watching with excitement and hope as Kamala Harris is sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

It was wonderful to watch the Inauguration with Mom, to witness this historic event. We cheered as Kamala Harris became the Vice President, and again when Joe Biden became President. I was moved by the words of so many, and awed by Amanda Gorman, whose inspired poetry became music to my heart.

Later, I decided to head out towards the Weverton Cliffs, just south of Harper’s Ferry. I selected this spot because 1) it was the opposite direction of DC 2) the trail head was less than an hour away 3) the 15-25 mph NW wind would be – theoretically – tucked behind the cliffs leaving me in relative 38 degree (with no windchill) peace. I was correct about the first two and completely off for the wind-chill thing.

Oh well.

The climb to the top ensured that I get warm and stay warm; the subsequent 30 minutes headed north on the Appalachian Trail before I turned and backtracked to the car, were blustery. In the end, I hiked just shy of 2 hours, stopping a few times to snap pictures. More often than not, though, I kept my hands shoved deep into my pockets and buried my chin as far down into my jacket as possible. My descent was quick – only one couple inquired as to how far “the top” was. When I told them 5 minutes they both turned around to hike down. Given the setting sun and plummeting temperature, I didn’t blame them.

On the drive home, I chatted with Andy – it’s fun to talk with him and I enjoy hearing his voice. He helps to remind me that this NIH thing won’t be forever, and is a wonderful source of strength and support. Love too, of course. Once home, it was leftover Mac & Cheese for dinner, and chatting with Mom. I’ve still got my 30 pushups to do – and today, I swear that I won’t forget (like yesterday). Oops.

Body wise – I am just doing things day-by-day. My facial skin continues to be bumpy…sometimes I have acne, other times it is gone. I think my face has its own set of mood swings, but whatever. My skin continues to be dry, but it’s also winter, so there’s that. We’ve already established that my GI system does not like Kimchi, so I’ll stick to safe things like pasta and cheese. And it still feels as though I’ve got a UTI; I suspect this is still my BK Virus, but at tomorrow’s Clinical Center visit, I’ll bring it up with Daniele and see what we can do. Throughout my life I have dealt with chronic UTIs – they are not fun. So I’m taking it day-by-day.

It’s all I can do.

It’s all any of us can do.

At my turnaround point, headed south on the Appalachian Trail. If I keep walking 600 miles, I would be home (well, sort of. I’d be in Hot Springs, about 40 miles away from home).
The forested view from Weverton Cliffs, overlooking the Potomac River and Virginia
Maryland farm country, looking east from Weverton Cliffs
Goodnight sun! I love winter woods.
OK – it wasn’t that cold, but this made me nearly fall off my chair laughing. Sign of the times, my friends, sign of the times.

  1. What a day! It was a joy and relief to watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn into office. Many are joining you in rejoicing!


  2. The Inauguration was something we all have looked forward to since the election. Now there is a collective sigh of relief audible from Bethesda to Bakersfield. I feel in my heart that I can be glad again that I’m an American! This is our country; BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.


  3. The country became a better place today. Happy that you and mom followed the inauguration. You are doing fantastic with your recovery and so is our nation.
    P.s. Amanda Gorman has a twin sister. Life is good.



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