Day +64, Wednesday

Photo of the Day: Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Today Mom and I enjoyed road tripping to Harper’s Ferry. I’ve been eyeing this spot for a while, interested in both the history and Appalachian Trail culture of the town. Today was less hiking, though we did nab a spot behind the AT Conservancy, and more about exploring the town, learning its history, and enjoying the unique old world/new world architecture. The red bricks and stone work were stunning; we also enjoyed crossing the Potomac River into Maryland via the pedestrian bridge.

This served as double awesome for me, as (nearly) 5 years ago, Christine and I powered southbound on the AT over that same bridge, en route to completing the 4-State “Challenge”. Short version – 48.8 miles on the AT, starting on the Pennsylvania/MD boarder and hiking through Maryland, West Virginia, and climbing up up up up into Virginia in 18-ish hours during a snowstorm. You don’t want the long version. Trust me, I was there.

Thankfully today there was no snowstorm. And as it was still light, the town was very easy to explore. Last time I motored through, it was pitch black with snow and we got lost and delayed. I didn’t really stop to enjoy the history, culture, or architecture, as I was hunting for the damn blazes (trail markers).

But today I grabbed my big camera, and flexed some photography muscles. It was fun to take shots, frame a bit, and just get wrapped up enjoying a special afternoon date with my Mom. Enjoy!

This spot counts as the half-way point on the 2,190-ish mile AT – from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt Katahdin, Maine. I haven’t hiked the entire thing, just segments of it. And a few challenges with Christine, the first being the 4-State Challenge and the second, The Connecticut Challenge (where all 55 miles of Connecticut are hiked in a single day. It took us 20 hours, 18 minutes to go from New York/CT boarder to New Hampshire/CT boarder and backtrack to our car. Never again). We planned for the second challenge during the first and were clearly delusional.
Headed down the hill into town
The National Park Service has a huge presence in the town, as the entire area is a National Historic Park
Trail junction and a train going through the 1931 tunnel. Next time, I’m hoping to hike Maryland Heights Trail or if we’re really feeling squirrelly, Weaverly Cliffs a few miles down.
Harper’s Ferry and railroad bridge from across the Potomac River, before it meets the Shenandoah River in what is known as “The Point”.
Cobblestones and historic buildings. And a very bright glare.
Looking towards The Point. Shenandoah river on the right and Potomac joining from the left (which you really can’t see). Virginia is on the right, Maryland on the left. This was critical during the Civil War.
Sometimes it still feels like we are a Land Divided.
Interesting shapes of buildings.
I’m such a texture person – and all the stonework, brick, stucco, wood – everything – even the cute courtyard made me happy.
Many historical markers dotted the town, including this one about Lewis & Clark. Plus, there’s a tavern – what can I say?
This pretty much sums up the town, and was almost my photo of the day. Ruins of a church (old), house overlooking said ruins (new), an AT trail blaze (that white thing on the tree on the left of the picture) and a steep climb. I never saw this the last time I was here – it was nice to be back.
View while descending, equally representative of Harper’s Ferry: an AT Blaze, historic church, views into Virginia, and the Potomac River.
This was cute. And I have a thing for red doors.
Part of the National Historic Battlefield.

Tomorrow I’m at the Clinical Center again for labs and a check-up on the 12th floor OutPatient Clinic. I’m hoping my kidneys have enjoyed all the extra fluids I’ve chucked their way, and that my blood counts are looking good. But that’s for tomorrow.

Mom just finished cooking my pasta – I know this because she just said, “Echo, stop timer!” Yes, Andy has introduced Mom to Alexa and Echo; she loves them. I only pranked her once – Mom turned the tree and living room off the other day, so I very quietly told the Alexa device in my room to “turn Christmas tree on.” Of course, the tree came on – but was met with total silence from Mom. Andy was still here and watched me nearly pee myself with laughter. But that, my friends, is another story entirely.

Pasta awaits! Have a wonderful evening and terrific final day (we hope!) of 2020!

  1. Yes!! Harpers Ferry was as good as the photos show it to be. We had a great time (as we always do when we road trip). Marit has a keen sense of where to go when. She knows where certain trails are, points of interest such as rivers and railroads, historically interesting facts relevant to the Civil War and, of course, where to get her camera ready and shoot. I love being with her, and am so lucky to have this time with her. Happy New Year everyone.


  2. Sensational photos. What a talent! You are doing your best to have fun while you are recovering in Bethesda. I am certain that all this fun activity hastens your healing. Keep it up.
    Good luck at the out patient visit. I hope the kidneys behave.



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