Day +7, Tuesday

Photo of the Day: smiling at a comment from Debbie about my new “sweet melon” of a head, after getting my hair cut. Andy went to his sister’s and had his head shaved simultaneously. This was all done via zoom, thank you 2020.

I was going to write a long post about getting my head shaved – but this photo will have to do as I just threw up again. Maybe another time.

  1. When you were born, midwife Jo Choromansky remarked about your perfectly shaped little head: this is unusual, she commented. Little did she know just how unusual this new person would be!❤️ I remember holding you and being happy, not suspecting the journey we’d be on. I’m so happy and feel so honored to be with you and can’t wait to join you in the next few weeks.


  2. Your head is beautiful. Your man is a very good Egg! I wish your gut to calm down so you can sleep.
    I wish you all the energy you need every day


  3. We are so sorry for your discomfort or maybe even plain misery. I had tried to send this on TP earlier, didn’t go through. It does sometimes get down to TP. In the 60s Russia had TP like bakery sheets. Keith ate something, got sick, was put in hospital. He wrote to me on TP sheets. They came to me after he returned. We found out that our govt. had copied all letters coming from there. We laugh at agents laying out TP on a copy machine.

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  4. So good that Andy is so supportive. He has a real treasure in you and you have a man that loves you so much. Life can be good and you will get much better soon.

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  5. C’mon GI tract get the memo that Marit needs her coffee and her strength! Hope things settle down soon Tummy wise😘
    You are beautiful and your hair will comeback ❤️

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