Day 2+, Thursday

Photo of the Day: my nurse, Molly, finishing up her morning rounds with me. Every morning around 5 am, a wonderful nurse enters my room, flushes my lines, does vitals, draws blood, checks in with me, grabs my weight and arranges everything so that my Team, when they review my file, all have the information they need. And they do it cheerfully. I’m so thankful for my nurses here on 3NE.

My Day 2+ was OK. It rained here – a lot – hurricane Zeta (are we on Zeta now?) sidewinding her way up the coast. What else? I ordered TP and wipes, the soft lotion-y kind, went for two walks, and sometime this afternoon just started feeling not great.

I mean – my body has been through a lot. So its understandable – but now my head is pounding and I feel a heat creeping up my cheeks and behind my eyeballs. My 9 pm vitals indicated a temp of 100.0; the doctor knows and we are all monitoring. Eyeball heat is no fun.

That being said – I’m propped up in bed, editing photos and watching HGTV. And I just had a stem cell transplant, so life is NOT bad.

Other things today? In addition to my headache, my GI system has decided to not cooperate. It’s been nearly 3 days since any sort of movement, and it sucks. I mean, in my defense – I’m not working out, the food is different, I’m in a hospital and there’s a bit of stress on my body. Plus, my tush really does NOT want to use the NIH TP. You would be in revolt too.

Good things today included my nurse Ashley changing the dressing on my Central Line, an art therapy session with Sarah, and the reading of Harry Potter.

Ashley changing my dressing. There are 4 stitches holding my Central Line in place – this was the first time in the 2 weeks that I’ve had my line, that I’ve actually been able to SEE what the insertion point looks like.
The final picture I painted
Photography is second nature to me. A paintbrush – ah, less so. But I love the creative process all the same.

And one last thing of note – I was just hooked up to IV Fluids. On day 3+, I start an intensive post-transplant regiment of Chemo. That’s a different story. For now, I’m done and going to either watch TV or read Harry.

  1. So sorry that you are having a bad day. Hopefully your temperature will get back to normal and you will feel better soon. In spite of this you continue to write your narrative. You are showing real strength and this will pull you through to better days. Drzime place a posilame lasku❤️

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  2. Much love, and many hugs coming your way. Sorry it’s been a bad day. I am lonely for you, and frustrated not to be with you, and I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with you and Andy and Dad. I know tomorrow will be a better day. Should I send TP?
    Love, mom

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  3. You are an amazingly strong woman. I’m so glad that you have a great medical team to help you through the difficult days. All those who love you are with you in spirit, sending love and strength. Each day is a step to recovery and to being able to be with your family and Andy. Big hugs.

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