Day -3, Saturday

Photo of the Day: Dr. G talking with my Mom via FaceTime. I think of Dr. G as the light, a wonderful human who wanted to check in with me on a Saturday. She then took time to speak with both my parents while my pre-chemo prep was taking place all around.
Dr. G, talking with Dad, the historian in the family. The reference is from reciting my own health history when I first met her. She commented that I had an excellent memory, to which I replied I am my father’s daughter – he is a historian. I’m thankful they got to meet via FaceTime in this world we live.

Today was rough – Day 4 of chemo, Day -3 going into Transplant. I joke about posts being short. This one actually will be. Nausea set in early and I was given breakthrough medicine to keep me from throwing up. Just to be safe, I wore a mask, lest I fall asleep and not make it to the bathroom. Also – just to be safe, because of COVID and so many people coming into and out of my room all day. It just felt easier to stay on.

Time was weird today – I would close my eyes to blink and wake up an hour later. I feel fuzzy, a bit discombobulated. I took the elevator, which is a first because I wasn’t sure if I should do the stairs.

Don’t get me wrong – I could do the stairs. I just don’t think it’s wise, so I didn’t.

And now I’m post-Busulfan showered and ready for bed. I did manage to keep down grilled cheese and tomato soup. And for dinner, I skipped my pasta and went straight to the strawberry shake. Can’t remember the last time I had a shake, and I don’t think the flavor that was produced could exactly qualify as strawberry – but it was cold and smooth and stayed down, so that’s all that counts.

Whiskers was simpatico with me today, so that counts too.

Even on hard days, it’s nice having her here with me. This is a part of me that I love and has been with me for a long long time.

  1. Such a good time taking with you and Dr. G. So knowing, so loving and kind – is there anything more one could ask of a doctor? Your team worked with coordination and accuracy – like Damon Bailey when he was shooting or making assists. And Whiskers….faithful and supportive. Hope you have a better day today❤️


  2. Hope today feels brighter and better. Patience and acceptance are always strengths for you and both Rich 🙌and I know you will weather whatever comes
    Your way.
    Thinking of you everyday ❤️


  3. Cathay and Grant here: swim, rosettes and krumkake friends (your mom)—and wine friends of your mom and dad. I have been following your blog and appreciate reading all about your experience. I feel like I know you without having met you! So glad you are in the best possible shape for this big event. I just want you to know you are in our thoughts and we cannot wait to read everything after this is OVER. Ch


  4. Safety first. We know the elevator was the safe choice given all the chemo infused into you. Falling down the stairs is not part of the transplant process.
    I was so happy to meet part of your medical team. They must be a great morale booster for you.
    I hope you feel better over the weekend. It’s nice that Whiskers is there to cuddle


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