Day -22, or 5 October

Morning, Day -22
Afternoon, Day -22
Evening, Day -22

It’s official! I’m here at the National Institute of Health, and, and…and…Where to begin? First, it’s late and I’m exhausted – a combination of yesterday’s driving, today’s early start, and just getting settled in. It’s surreal to be here – I’ve known about my GATA2 since May 2018, had my first clinical visit with the NIH in October of that year, and then promptly had my transplant pushed back and postponed three times over 18 months.

I’m going to pull on my naturally sunny disposition and say that, “Fourth time is the charm.” Woot!

Officially I’m at Day -22, with my actual transplant date scribed as “Day 0”. At least that’s what my Clinical Record says and I’m sticking to that. My friend Lisa commented that it seems like a rocket launch, and it made me laugh, so I’m hoping to be Go For Launch on October 27. In the interim, I’ve got about 3 months’ worth of appointments within a 2-week timespan, and then I start my pre-transplant phase of chemo and radiation, otherwise known as “Conditioning”.

Alas, I get ahead of myself. Again, it’s late and I’m tired. And again, have an early start tomorrow.

So – because this is a combination of art, writing and photography, a few more photos from yesterday’s travels (or Day -23).

My little car was full. Andy made the drive fun, meaning he drove.
Goodbye kitties, goodbye house! I will miss you! It’s not forever; rather, see ya later!
Central Virginia, just outside of Luray, Shenandoah Valley
Shenandoah National Park Ridgeline, from the West
Sperryville, VA
Is this working? Testing my remote trigger – out of focus, but I was so happy it worked that I didn’t care.

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