Day +12, Sunday

My photo of the day ended up being a pair of photos. In the first, head nurse Jenna is teaching Vicki about mycophenolate and in the second, Vicki is teaching Jenna what she just learned about my IV antibiotics.I am in awe of my nurses, but then to add in “teacher” on top of what they already do – its a really amazing thing to watch.

It’s Day + 12! And even more exciting – it’s my Dad’s 80th Birthday!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! I really enjoyed talking on the phone with you and Mom, that was just wonderful to hear your voice. And you’ll be proud of me – I still got in a 30 minute walk before dinner. I’m sorry that I can’t be there with you guys, but think of me when you have sushi on Tuesday ❤

OK, and while we know that Dad’s birthday is exciting, what also almost equally as exciting… white blood count went up a fraction! It’s nothing to be super thrilled about, well, except I am because I’ve been watching these numbers plummet the the past two weeks. But I went up from “0.01” to a whopping “0.04”. Now, that’s likely from a hormone shot that I give myself every night, that will hopefully start my bone marrow to develop white blood cells. I don’t really care….I just know that my white count is up!! And that over time, a higher WBC will help get rid of my Mucositis, bladder pain, and every thing else that hurts.

My own little blue pill, taken to numb my bladder. I think it works…

All of this good news made me want to tidy up. I’ve been staring at my puzzle..and my puzzle has been staring back at me, reminding me of all the unfinished business that I have with it. So I made a change (Lucy, look away!)

Honestly, it livens the room up and creates more workable space. THAT makes me happy. And besides, I put the pieces back in the puzzle box VERY CAREFULLY, so should the urge hit to re-assemble, I’ll be slightly ahead of myself from the first go around. In the mean time, String Art looks interesting. I may have to purchase a kit or two.

And with that – I’m off to bed. I’m still dealing with all of the same pain and discomfort, but I know it won’t last forever. This is temporary in my quest for long-term excellent health. So I’m going to continue to remind myself that I’ve proven capable of hard things in the past, and I can continue to do hard things now. This is doable.

  1. Birthday Dad is pleased with some positive signs in the blog indicating you are moving towards the road to health. Let’s continue on this path.
    Thank you for the phone call. It made my birthday even happier. Your voice sounded strong. Keep it up!

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